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​​Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios

Step 1. Meet Musicians

Step 2. Pick a Rehearsal Room

Step 3. Book Studio Time

$20/hr Silver Room
$25/hr Purple Room
$30/hr Deluxe Stage Room

"I don't think I've ever been to a nicer rehearsal studio"-Strange Americans



Budget Friendly Band Practice and Demo Recording Done Right.

"Felt like royalty at the crown of the Rocky Mtns!!"-Paragraph Taylor/ManifestiV

"Super professional, super clean & most importantly the vibes are RIGHT at Higher Ground. 
The owner is very active in helping to create the space and back line needed for a swift plug & play session. 
The stage deluxe room is what we rented, with a fully built stage and sound system to heighten our experience. 
Being a touring band, we appreciate spaces and people who give that extra bang. This is one of the best rehearsal studios we've had the pleasure to give business to; we'll be back for sure!"-Hirie- CA

"The rooms are sized well, the backline equipment is great and the owners are awesome, super cool folks. I have to also say that I love their logo!!! What else could you ask for?"
Myke Fedyk
Vertical Arrays
​Little Black Bottles

"What a great place to rehearse. The equipment is fantastic, you get to find your favorite amp, then try another later ! Bringing the guys over to practice is easy, then beers afterwards . 
The owner is nice and responsive . 
Nice clean new space with multi colored rooms. You get treated  like family too !"-Rich-C