Who owns HGRS? Higher Ground is owned and operated by Husband and wife team Jason & Jahna Eichel. We are not affiliated with any organizations or outside corporations. We pour our heart and soul into this business to bring something of value to our community of musicians and artists.

How do I schedule rehearsal time? We're old school and we love human interaction. Simply call, text or email us with the time you’d like to schedule and which room you’d like. We're always available to schedule a rehearsal or a tour of our facilities. 970.692.6295

Am I allowed to use all the equipment in the room? Yes! Save your gear for gigging! Please feel free to utilize all the gear in your rehearsal room. All the equipment is included in your room rate.

Can I rent your space for something other than rehearsal? You think our space is awesome and would like to rent it for a house concert, party/workshop/meeting/networking event/photo shoot/video production/holiday party/etc. YES! We'd love to have you and will do our best to accommodate your event. We have a laundry list of 3rd party businesses that are vetted and can help you make our space perfect for your occasion.

Is it OK to eat and drink in the studio?  We have lots of couch space available for eating and band meetings. Beverages of any kind are allowed inside the studio during your rehearsal. We just ask that you do not keep your drinks on top of the amps and equipment- respect the gear!

What if something breaks? We understand that  gear can break under normal circumstances. If something in your rehearsal room breaks or you are having trouble with a piece of equipment just let us know. We will replace it right away so you can continue your session and get back to what's important-making music.

Do I have to make an appointment or are walk ins accepted? We're in and out of the studio all day long so it's always better to call ahead of time to make sure we are there to assist you. Appointments can usually be made with only 1 hour notice.

What are the hours of operation? HGRS is available by appointment 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can I bring my own gear? You are free to bring in any gear you’d like. We want you to have the best possible rehearsal session. We have a big garage style door available for easy load in/load out of gear. Please note that setup of your personal gear is during your booking time.

Is recording available? There are many possible ways to record a session at HGRS. Our deluxe stage room is equipped with stereo room microphones installed over head. The room mics are connected to a Tascam solid state recorder that can create wav or mp3 files on a usb thumb drive or SD card.  This recording system is very easy to use and we can show you how to use it in just a couple of minutes. For an added fee we can bring more microphones into the room and produce demo tracks using our post production software. You are also free to bring your own recording devices into any of our room and record yourself. All of our rooms have mixing boards with multiple outputs available to connect to computers, phones, etc. We offer expert demo recording services, if your needs require an audio engineer to mix, edit and premaster your tracks, we offer ridiculously budget friendly demo recording.

Do you offer discounts? It doesn't hurt to ask- but at $20/hr we strive to be affordable. If you're going to using the space more than 8 hours a month we cut off $5 per hour off each room rental. We are a full service studio which means your rehearsal room is prepped, amps are warmed up and we're there to help you. We can work with you on cost if you are renting the space to teach music lessons, working with students or are affiliated with a school district or a non-profit.

Your space is huge, Can I rent it for a private show or party? Absolutely. As long as we follow the safety code and abide by occupancy and permit issuance, we'd love to host your next event!

What's an Open Jam? We recognize that the concept of rentable rehearsal studios is a new one in Northern Colorado and we want to meet our local community of musicians! Open Jams are designed for just that, bring your axe, sticks and whatever else you need, use our gear and meet your community of musicians-On US! Stay current on our events by following HGRS on Facebook! HERE

Tell me more about Balanced Breakfast! Colorado is booming with music and entertainment related businesses and we believe that networking within this community is super important (and FUN). Bringing Balanced Breakfast to Northern Colorado is our way of helping you network. Balanced Breakfast connects musicians to musicians, artists to galleries, management, PR, photographers, sound engineers, videographers and countless other music/art/entertainment related entrepreneurs. Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios is your creative hub for Northern Colorado and beyond.Type your paragraph here.

What is Abstract Ambition Productions? AAP is a photography (and video!) studio located in the previously coined "community space"of Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios. While we are separate entities (Landon is an awesome tenant!) we have a similar goal in mind. Affordable services for creatives. Hit him up for a photo shoot and let him know Higher Ground sent you, you may get a sweet deal!. 


For us, It's about the music.




Our mission with Higher Ground is to create a welcoming environment for all musicians and creatives.  We hope to continuously provide Colorado musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs with a friendly atmosphere, professional equipment and advocacy. We cater to musicians of all genres and built up our gear list to accommodate anything from heavy metal to country and everything in between. We can accommodate bands of all sizes with 3 fully back lined rooms for rent by the hour or month.  Our goal is for everybody to feel safe, comfortable and at home at Higher Ground. Whether you are a touring band, a college student, or a band of dads on the weekend, we want you to experience a first class rehearsal.​ 





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